FFY specializes in meeting the fitness needs of women 40 and older. Programming is focused on strength training built upon flexibility and coordination. Private one on one sessions or semi-private pairs training is offered by FFY. Sessions are held in your home or at the FFY studio. FFY will help you select and acquire the proper equipment for home use to ensure that you work between training sessions.

Written Fitness Assessment with Training Plan

A determination of your basic medical condition, exercise history, and lifestyle provides the basis for your written fitness plan and targets specific programming requirements. Specific baseline measurements such as weight, BMI, and body composition are recorded to track progress in meeting your goals. Your program will give you specific weekly exercise targets.

Ongoing Fitness Training with Periodic Assessments

FFY offers clients scheduled fitness sessions based on individual fitness goals. Sessions are either private one on one, or semi-private with two clients. Once the baseline assessment is completed, supervised exercise sessions are conducted to meet the targeted goals. Evaluations of progress are made annually and may be monitored more often if warranted. As clients' goals are met, exercise programming is adjusted to meet new goals and ensure retention of gains made.

Written Weight Management Assessment with Nutrition Plan

A healthy lifestyle requires controlling weight through exercise and good nutrition. FFY Lifestyle and Weight Management Coaching (LWMC) services evaluate clients' eating and lifestyle habits that contribute to weight gain and augments their fitness training sessions. FFY seeks to educate clients about the relationship between exercise and calories. Traditional diets are not prescribed, nor are they recommended as a healthy lifestyle. Using US Department of Agriculture guidelines, clients are given a written daily caloric goal with sample meals, along with exercise requirements to lose excess body fat, preserve lean muscle, and to meet and retain healthy weight goals. Daily logging is required along with brief weekly face to face or telephone counseling sessions. Developing a lifestyle that ensures permanent weight loss requires long-term commitment. Clients will be asked for a 6 – 12 month commitment.

Ongoing Weight Management Counseling with Monthly Assessments

FFY clients who chose not to contract for personal training, may receive weight management coaching alone. The client must commit to exercise as required by the plan. Based on the written assessment, LWMC clients are given daily exercise and nutritional goals. Clients must keep a daily log. Weekly telephone sessions are required for the 3 months to track progress augmented by monthly face to face assessments. As goals are met, telephone sessions may become less frequent, and the plan may change as needed. Developing a lifestyle that ensures permanent weight loss requires long–term commitment. Clients will be asked for a 6 – 12 month commitment.